The Internet Simply Cannot Handle Kendall Jenner Not Knowing How to Cut a Cucumber

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Photo credit: Hulu
Photo credit: Hulu

Did you happen to catch the new Kardashians episode on Hulu? Because a lot happened, but most importantly Kendall Jenner attempted to make herself a snack. Emphasis on "attempted" because, reader, it did not go well.

Allow us to set the scene: Kendall shows up at her mom Kris Jenner's house and decides she wants a snack. Kris offers to have "the chef" whip her something up, but Kendall decides to bravely prepare herself a modest cucumber. However, she seems to have never seen a cucumber before and has little to no experience with cutting one, because this is the vibe:

Kendall's cucumber struggle was so acute that Kris offered to have her chef step in and cut the cucumber for Kendall, but she heroically persisted in the endeavor and managed to get a few slices out of it. And naturally, the moment didn't go unnoticed by the internet.

At this time, cucumbers' rep couldn't be reached for comment.

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