How This Intimacy Coach Is Navigating A Tabooed Path Of Sexuality

Pallavi Barnwal started her entrepreneurial journey in 2018 and in a short span of three years, she has been recognized among the best sexuality coaches across the country. A TEDx Speaker, Pallavi Barnwal’s recently launched book Sex Is.. Memoir of a Woman’s Sexuality (Bloomsbury India, 2020) talks freely and openly about women’s sexuality in a world that’s out to keep it under the wraps.

The founder of ‘GetIntimacy’, though Pallavi Barnwal largely talked about female sexuality and women’s reproductive health, over time she realized that it’s important to involve men in this conversation as well. In this video, watch her speak about her journey and challenges.

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(Interviewed by Poorvi Gupta, produced and video edited by Nang Tanvi)

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