Inuit women's organization and RCMP hope to reduce gender-based violence

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IQALUIT — The national organization representing Inuit women in Canada has signed an agreement with the RCMP to work to reduce violence against Inuit women, children and gender diverse people.

The agreement follows a report last year by Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada that made 15 recommendations to Mounties on how they could improve the safety and security of Inuit women.

The recommendations included policing that is sensitive to the trauma Inuit women have faced, more female officers in the North, training on gender-based violence in northern homes, community engagement and Inuit involvement.

The agreement spells out four commitments, including regular teleconferences between the two groups and a work plan with priorities.

The RCMP says it will also work with Pauktuutit to review the force's cultural competency training and increase the number of Inuit officers.

Pauktuutit says women in Nunavut are 13 times more likely than the Canadian average to be victims of violent crime.

“Pauktuutit looks forward to working with the RCMP to improve the safety and security of Inuit women, including when they have contact with RCMP officers assigned to serve and protect them," president Rebecca Kudloo said in a news release.

"Pauktuutit will also monitor and update Inuit, as well as Canadians who share a commitment to reconciliation, on progress regarding the RCMP’s commitment to improving policing policies that impact Inuit women.”

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Jan. 27, 2021.

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