Inuvik airport terminal building slated for replacement

Inuvik airport terminal building slated for replacement

The Government of the Northwest Territories is planning to replace Inuvik's nearly 60-year-old airport terminal. 

Originally built in 1958, the Mike Zubko airport is nearing the end of its service life. It last underwent an expansion in 1988.

A planning study for a new, slightly bigger terminal was completed in November. Delia Chesworth, director of airports for the Department of Transportation, said it focused on "finding functional efficiencies so if in the future if it needs to be expanded it could be easily expanded" along with minimizing the operation and maintenance costs. 

"We would be looking into improving how you get your baggage and check in at the airport," she said. 

"Kind of the whole passenger experience." 

She said they received helpful feedback during the planning study.

The next stage is looking for approval for funding for design and construction of a new building, estimated at $30 million.

It's expected the new terminal would take three years to build.