Inuvik's Daisy Doodle Doo still alive and thriving after being saved by internet fame

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Inuvik's most famous rooster Daisy Doodle Doo. (Submitted by Ray Solotki - image credit)
Inuvik's most famous rooster Daisy Doodle Doo. (Submitted by Ray Solotki - image credit)

Daisy is not a common name for a rooster.

Even less common is to find a rooster named Daisy, north of 60 in Inuvik, N.W.T.

But a rooster is not what Ray Solotki was expecting when she picked up her clutch of chicks from Whitehorse earlier this spring.

"She was a bit of a hefty girl and I didn't know a lot about chickens then, this is new to me … then one day I went out to the garage, and she looked me square in the eye and yelled, 'COCK A DOODLE DOO,' " Solotki said with a laugh telling the story to the CBC's Cory Chibry earlier this year.

"It scared the heck out of me."

A feathered tale

The unusual story was found among the Inuvik Rants and Raves page when Solotki apologized to her neighbours for the unusual early morning wake-up call.

Originally promising to have Daisy gone that evening, the community jumped to the roosters rescue, showing their support and creating the hashtag #SaveDaisyDoodleDoo.

"The responses were insane," Solotki said, noting the original post had about 70 responses of liking, laughing or loving Daisy's story.

"There [was] all this outpouring of love … so Daisy got a stay of execution."

Submitted by Ray Solotki
Submitted by Ray Solotki

Not her first hen house

Daisy was actually part of the second flock Solotki got for their arctic hen house.

Initially, the Inuvik farmer was a "bit afraid of chickens" until they brought their first brood home and bonded.

"[I] try keep them entertained. I often put a cabbage on a rope … they have a xylophone they sometimes play with … they like to listen to music and they think I'm their rooster which is a bit weird, but they get really excited when they see me," Solotki said, noting each chick has its own personality.

"I thought they were just dumb birds, but they are actually really fun to watch."

And the fresh eggs every morning is a perk.

Submitted by Ray Solotki
Submitted by Ray Solotki

But where is Daisy now?

While the first couple weeks with Daisy were tense after some "dangerously early mornings", Solotki said the rooster and farmer have come to an agreement — Daisy stays quiet or his next hashtag would be #yum.

Solotki also said there was a huge interest in meeting the newfound local celebrity.

"A lot of people have messaged and asked if they can bring their kids over … so people are welcome to reach out to me through Facebook and come over and have a look. I think it's really important for kids to see them and understand," Solotki said.

CBC checked in with Solotki last week who confirmed Daisy is not only still alive but thriving — with 48 chickens and 18 quail in his care.

Submitted by Ray Solotki
Submitted by Ray Solotki
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