Investing in the Transition to a More Sustainable Economy

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Joe Keefe, Impax Asset Management
Joe Keefe, Impax Asset Management

by Joe Keefe, President of Impax Asset Management

The coming decades will require an epochal transition from an industrial-age economy where negative long-term environmental and social externalities are ignored to a sustainable economy where future growth is accompanied by dramatically improved environmental and social outcomes. The future of human civilization as well as countless species, and indeed of nature itself, depends on it.

The transition to a more sustainable economy will require far more intentionality than we see today, in the sense that businesses, capital markets, civil society and governments will need to reach a broad consensus on goals and set a course to reach them. We should not underestimate the immensity of this challenge. Moving to a “sustainable economy” goes beyond achieving net zero emissions by midcentury to avert a climate catastrophe – an ambitious agenda in and of itself – but to a much broader transition from a depletive economic model to a more circular, restorative economic model.

Here is how we can make this happen...

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