Iqaluit RCMP still at 'critical incident' in 4000 block, residents asked not to come or go

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Iqaluit RCMP are asking people living in the 4000 block of the city to not return home from work Friday afternoon as police continue to respond to a "critical incident."

Police sent its critical response team earlier Friday after receiving reports of a "disturbance" in the neighbourhood, according to an updated news release Friday afternoon.

Police asked residents to stay away from the 4124 to 4160 section of the Road to Nowhere neighbourhood and avoid Imiqtarviminiq St. People living in that area are asked to remain in their homes. If residents living in this area need come or go for an emergency, they should call the RCMP at 979-1111 before leaving, the news release says.

Police are also asking people to refrain from posting photos to social media as to not disclose the locations of officers. RCMP says it could compromise the safety of the community and of officers.

There is no immediate risk to the public at this time, police said. Schools in the area were also notified.

A spokesperson for Nunavut RCMP said they will release more information as it becomes available.