Iqaluit sets 2021 budget, focuses on water woes

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Iqaluit's top priority in next year's budget is addressing its water woes, a press release from the city said Wednesday.

"Without a long-term water supply and sewer capacity upgrades, the city cannot support additional development or meet the basic housing requirements," the release said.

"With this considered, water will remain the city's top priority."

At a council meeting Nov. 24, councillors unanimously passed a motion to accept the 2021 capital budget presented by the city's finance committee.

Councillors also unanimously passed a motion to increase property taxes across all classes by one per cent, the fifth consecutive year property taxes in Nunavut's capital have been raised.

And a motion to increase garbage pick-up rates by three per cent also passed unanimously.

Water and sewage call-out fees

The meeting also passed an increase to water and sewage call-out fees, from $250 to $350 for residential calls and $450 for commercial calls.

Deputy Mayor Janet Brewster was one of two councillors who voted against the increase.

"I'm not in favour of increasing the water call-out fee for those people who are not on the utilidor," Brewster said.

"That's a huge burden on those families."

Other priorities for the city include the pumping program for the Lake Geraldine reservoir and repairs to the apex bridge, the city's press release said.