Iraqi migrant detained by border guard seeks safety in Poland

Remidh, from Basra, said he was working with a local media outlet and had to flee his home country due to threats made by political parties because of his coverage of protests in 2019.

The 41-year-old father of six told Reuters he had to send his family to Turkey two years ago because of those threats - and when his visa to join them was rejected, he decided to seek safety in the European Union.

Reuters could not independently verify his account.

The migrant said he left Iraq 15 days ago, and crossed into Poland the night of November 23. Activists he contacted helped him get a decision from the European Court for Human Rights for interim measures.

Remidh said he misses his children the most and looks forward to be reunited with them.

"I will stay in Poland and God willing, they will bring me my six children," he said in tears.