Irish Eurovision singer draws comparisons to Justin Trudeau

Brendan Murray, left, and Justin Trudeau appear in photos taken in 2017. Photos from CP.

Ireland’s entry into The Eurovision Song Contest may have just been booted from the competition, but his star is only shining brighter after being compared to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on social media.

Brendan Murray, 20, took to the stage Thursday in Kiev to perform Dying To Try, a song written by British songwriter James Newman and Sweden’s Jörgen Elofsson.

Ireland tends to dominate the Eurovision competition and holds the record for the highest number of wins with seven titles. But the singing competition that pits countries in Europe against each other for not only the best singer, but also for the best song, wasn’t feeling the Irish crooner or the ballad entered this year. Before an audience in Ukraine, Murray was cut before the first round of the finals, reports the Irish Mirror.

Even though the native of Galway, Ireland, didn’t move forward in the competition, his name is gaining more and more notoriety as people compare his looks to the current Canadian prime minister.

The resemblance is uncanny as both men embrace their boyish smiles, dark hair and stunning blue eyes. And hey, if singing doesn’t work out for Murray, at least we know who to cast in the Justin Trudeau biopic.