Is there a feud budding between Drake and Smash Mouth?

Well, I don’t think anybody saw this one coming.

While fans of the Toronto Raptors were emerging from wherever they ended up the night before and realizing that what happened in Game 6 on Saturday wasn’t a dream, San Jose-area pop rock band Smash Mouth decided to light a match on social media.

With their single tweet aimed at Canadian rapper and Raptors global ambassador Drake, the prominent 90s group turned Internet meme lords may have kicked off quite the side plot entering the NBA Finals.

I haven’t asked for much in my time on this planet. However, at this moment, there’s nothing that I want more than a Smash Mouth-Drake feud to develop as the Raptors and Golden State Warriors battle for NBA supremacy.

It’s the kind of epic war of words and petty reactions that could cause the Internet to implode.

Smash Mouth's official Twitter account fired a dart at Drake less than 24 hours after the Toronto Raptors advanced to the NBA Finals. (Getty Images)

While Smash Mouth was formed in the San Francisco Bay area, there’s still plenty of Canadian flavour in the group. Paul De Lisle, the band’s bassist and one of two constant members of Smash Mouth since its inception in 1994, was born in Exeter, Ont.

I don’t think that little fact would stop the wave of hate if Champagne Papi decided to put the ‘All Star’ hitmakers in his sights. Smash Mouth has just under 77,000 followers on Twitter. Drake has 38.2 million.

From a pure numbers perspective, the pop rockers better be careful with what they’re getting themselves into. When you’re willing to do some ‘Walkin’ on the (proverbial) Sun’ while on social media, there’s a good chance that things burst into flames.

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