Island A Cappella presents Barbershop

The sounds of barbershop quartets will fill the air Saturday as two barbershop quartets will be performing in concert.

The quartets — Retake and Sequence — will share the stage with Island A Cappella, a choral group made up of 50 women, in a show titled Decades of Song.

Joanne Ings, a member of Retake, said the group has been practicing extensively.

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"We've probably been at rehearsal probably about 10 or 12 weeks. Not heavy constant but kind of getting a lot more constant right now," said Ings.

Sherry McGuigan, another member of Retake, said what attracted her to the group was her love of the music.

"I loved it from the very moment I heard it and I knew I always wanted to do it in a foursome … It's just the matter of the chord structure, singing the chords and hearing them ring," said McGuigan.

'We can sing anywhere, anytime'

The members of Retake are also members of Island A Cappella. There are some differences between the groups however, mainly portability.

"We can sing anywhere, anytime as long as we've got our pitch pipe. Even if we didn't have it I guess we could," said Anne Crosby, a member of Retake.

Raye Trainor, who rounds out the quartet, said the audience can expect to hear songs for a diverse number of genres.

"We do 50s, gospel music, country, just whatever we decide we want to sing. There's a big variety," said Trainor.

It's not just the music that brings these women out to perform, but also the sense of camaraderie the group brings.

"The most would be the friendships that you get. Particularly with the larger group, but I like these other three people as well," said Ings.

The nearly sold-out Decades of Song will take place Sunday afternoon at the The Carrefour Theatre in Charlottetown.

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