Italy may not want Conan to come back after this

On a new episode of Conan Without Borders, Conan O'Brien and his producer Jordan Schlansky traveled to Italy together, where O'Brien attempted to speak Italian to the locals by yelling out different types of pasta. Add that to the many foolish, but hilarious, things O'Brien did as an American tourist.

Some of O'Brien's other silly shenanigans included drawing a large penis on himself in a drawing class, playing farting sounds on a portable speaker in the 1962 Fiat the two were driving, and shaming truffle-hunting dogs. "I strongly suspect these guys, because they knew we were coming, hid these ahead of time because they're finding them very easily," said Conan. "Sorry, but we've been scammed."

The two also went wine tasting, where they drank a little too much booze, and then went to a café, where Conan drank a little bit too much caffeine, which is probably how he ended up on a balcony singing about being friends with Martin Scorsese.

Despite the constant bickering between O'Brien and Schlansky, overall, they actually seemed to have a great time and we can't wait to see where they venture to next.