Italy to send Ukraine another SAMP/T anti-air system


Italy will include a SAMP/T air defense battery in its upcoming military aid package for Ukraine, Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani said on June 3.

Tajani confirmed this to Italy’s Radio1, according to a report by Repubblica.

However, the minister did not disclose the complete contents of the aid package.

"But it is known that we will send the SAMP/T system—it is an air defense asset Ukraine had requested— this is no secret," said Tajani.

He also reiterated that Rome is against Ukraine using Italian weapons to strike Russian territory.

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Previously, Reuters reported that Italy would send a SAMP/T battery to Ukraine. This will be the second such system in the country.

Since the beginning of 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, Italy has approved eight military aid packages, with the ninth one currently being prepared.

On May 15, Bloomberg reported that the United States is considering providing Ukraine with another Patriot battery to bolster the country’s air defenses.

On May 31, the German Foreign Ministry announced that Germany would send a Patriot system to Ukraine along with a new military aid package worth EUR 500 million.

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