I've Gone Through 20 Pounds of This One Tea in the Past 8 Years

It's only 55 cents a cup.

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I stopped drinking coffee sometime around 2016. I like coffee—I love the smell, the taste, the whole ritual of grinding the beans, and slowly pushing the plunger down on a French press. But coffee, it turned out, didn't love me. It slowly started to make my already anxious brain feel even more jumpy, and cutting it out turned out to be a necessary decision. What did I turn to, to wake up instead? Tea, of course. Lots and lots of tea.

Early on in my tea discovery, I drank a lot of matcha. I've also experimented with stovetop kettles, became obsessed with my (current) electric kettle, and went from only using tea bags to preferring loose leaf. I've had a lot of tea in the past eight years, but the one I've turned to the most is Harney & Sons' Earl Grey Supreme. I've probably purchased 20 pounds of this tea since ditching coffee—it's the tea I look forward to drinking every morning. My tea soulmate.

Why I Love Harney & Sons' Earl Grey Supreme

Harney & Sons introduced Earl Grey Supreme in 1990. According to Emeric Harney, Marketing Director for Harney & Sons, it is the most popular Earl Grey tea that they sell. "Last year over 8 Million cups of [Earl Grey Supreme] were enjoyed by our customers worldwide," Harney explains.

Compared to other Earl Grey teas I've tried, this one is more bergamot-forward and has an intensity that reminds me of former coffee-drinking days. "The biggest difference compared to our other Earl Greys and ones on the market is the use of quality bergamot oil, and in a heftier amount!" Harney says. Earl Grey Supreme is lightly brisk and smooth, making it perfect for breakfast. The bergamot and the silver tips round out the tea, so it'll wake you up without being overpowering.

<p>Simply Recipes / Wanda Abraham</p>

Simply Recipes / Wanda Abraham

And the price? It can't be beat. I've tried a lot of delicious Earl Grey teas, but none this good that I can buy for 55 cents a cup.

While Earl Grey Supreme is my ride-or-die tea, I also always have two other black teas from Harney & Sons in my kitchen: Sally's Secret, and Viennese Earl Grey. Sally's Secret includes rose petals, which I'm not normally a fan of in drinks, but the subtle floral note really works well here. The Viennese Earl Grey is a lighter, more delicate Earl Grey that still packs in plenty of lemon and bergamot notes.

How I Make My Morning Tea

My husband and I make at least one pot of tea every morning. I scoop a couple of scant tablespoons of loose leaf into a strainer and put that into my teapot. Then, I fill up our electric kettle with tap water and boil until it reaches 212°F. I pour the water into the teapot and let it steep for four minutes before taking the strainer out of the teapot. I pour the tea into my mug of choice and drink up.

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