J.D. Vance beats Rep. Tim Ryan for Senate seat in Ohio

Ohio Sen.-elect J.D. Vance delivers a victory speech after defeating his Democratic opponent, Rep. Tim Ryan.

Video Transcript

JD VANCE: Look, I think that we get a chance to govern. Ladies and gentlemen, what-- we're gonna see what happens across the country. If I'm being totally honest with you, I think that we're gonna continue to have some good victories all across the country. We got to see the returns come in, of course.

But here's the thing. We've been given an opportunity to do something and that's to govern. And to govern, to make the lives of the people of Ohio better. That's exactly what I aim to do. And because of you, I get a chance to do it.

I got a call from Tim Ryan, of course, about a half an hour ago conceding the election. It was very gracious. And I appreciate-- I appreciate Tim making the effort there.

Look, I know Tim Ryan, we obviously disagree on a lot of issues. The guy loves the state of Ohio. And I appreciate the gracious phone call. I appreciate the effort that his campaign put in. Thank you.


Well, look, I-- you know, spending time with these guys just a few minutes ago and talking about what an incredible honor it is to get to serve the people of Ohio in the United States Senate. What an incredible honor it is to have gotten to run this campaign. Win or lose, I said it was one of the coolest experiences in my entire life.

But now, the people of Ohio have given us a job. And what we need to do over the next couple of years, over the next six years for the full-- the full length of this Senate term, whoever is in the majority, whatever the president looks like, we have a very simple job to do. It's to go to work every single day and fight for the people of Ohio. Fight for our workers.


Fight for our families. Fight for the people struggling with the opioid addiction problem. Fight for the people, the single moms struggling to raise babies, just like my mom raised me. We have got a great state. And we have got a great country.

To the people of Ohio, I want to say something. I know, of course, we won. A very good victory and I'm very proud of it. Because of all of you, we won a great victory.

But I want to say everything to-- whether you voted for me or not, if you're watching on TV. Whether you voted for me or not, the thing that I promise to do is go to the United States Senate and fight every single day for the people of Ohio. Thanks to you, we get an opportunity to do just that.