J.D. Vance Reveals Donald Trump Vetting Question For Running Mate And Irony Is Dead

Critics suggested irony had taken a serious hit after Sen. J.D. Vance (R-Ohio) revealed a question that is being asked of potential running mates for presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.

On Monday’s broadcast of Fox News’ “Fox & Friends,” co-host Steve Doocy said he’d heard that some potential vice presidential candidates have “been asked to submit documents to be vetted.”

“You’re not at that level yet,” Doocy told Vance, before adding: “Or are you?”

Vance, who is rumored to be in the mix for the job, said his team had been asked “for a number of things” but stressed he thought “a number of people have been asked to submit this and that.”

“Like your taxes or something?” Doocy asked, before adding with a chuckle: “Your criminal background?”

Vance replied, “I don’t know everything they’ve been asked. Yeah, but certainly like, ‘Have you ever committed a crime?’ ‘Have you ever lied about this?’ Certainly, you have those conversations, but I think a lot of people have those conversations.”

Former Biden White House press secretary-turned-MSNBC anchor Jen Psaki was among numerous people to note on X (formerly Twitter) that Trump “could not pass his own vetting materials for Vice President.” Trump was found guilty of all 34 charges in his hush money trial and will be sentenced on July 11.

Others jokingly asked whether a running mate with a criminal record would be a positive or a negative thing for Trump.