J.Lo and Ben Affleck Attended a Major Event Separately and "Kept Their Distance"

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Bennifer Attends Major Event SeparatelyBACKGRID

Jennifer Lopez was seen at the graduation ceremony of Ben Affleck's son, Samuel, showing up to support him along with Ben and Jennifer Garner. However, TMZ reports that the Atlas star and her husband "kept their distance and separated their families," and also arrived at the event separately.

a person in a white dress

There have been a looooot of updates about Bennifer's whole thing (by "thing" we mean potential split) this week, including a report that they're quietly selling the $60 million mansion they purchased together just last year. According to TMZ, Ben has been renting a place near Jennifer Garner in Brentwood, while Entertainment Tonight claims that Jen is house hunting for herself.

An insider told the outlet just a few days ago (June 10, to be exact) that "Jen is touring houses and shopping around for her own home. She has been leaning on her mom, sisters, and kids during this transitional period."

As of now the couple are still wearing wedding rings and going to events (like this graduation!) together, and a source told the Daily Mail that J.Lo ultimately doesn't want to end the relationship.

"She wants this marriage to work so much that she is willing to make any sacrifice including giving up being J-Lo. She doesn't want to be divorced. She doesn't want to end up like Madonna — on her own at 60," they said, going on to add "She won't give up this relationship. She's going out there looking as normal as she can. It's sad to see her dimming her shine to try to keep him."

As a reminder, neither Jen nor Ben have commented on the status of their relationship, so grain of salt!

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