Jacksonville Football Mascot's Bungee Stunt Goes Wrong During Home Game

The Jacksonville Jaguars’ team mascot was seen temporarily stranded on a bungee cord high in the air while performing stunts to hype up fans at a home game at TIAA Bank Field in Florida on Sunday, November 28.

This footage filmed by attendee Jackson Gibson shows how the scene unfolded in front of a crowd of more than 60,000.

“The mascot was supposed to bungee-jump off but got stuck instead of going across the whole field and was lowered into the stands next to us where someone caught him,” Gibson told Storyful.

Mascot Jaxon de Ville’s mishap was a precursor to the Jaguars’ loss on Sunday after the Atlanta Falcons claimed a 21-14 victory, according to reports. Credit: Jackson Gibson via Storyful

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