Jacoby Brissett concussion will put Colts under scrutiny

Another team will come under some scrutiny for any possible violations of the league’s concussion protocol.

The Seattle Seahawks face penalties for a violation of the NFL’s concussion protocol with Russell Wilson on Thursday, and now the Indianapolis Colts will face some questions after quarterback Jacoby Brissett went back into the game following a hard hit and then displayed concussion symptoms after the game.

With the Colts leading 17-9 late in the third quarter, Brissett attempted to scramble for a first down when he took a hit to the back of his helmet, near his neck, from defensive end Stephon Tuitt.

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Jacoby Brissett was allowed to return to play after taking a hit to the head, but was diagnosed with a concussion following Sunday’s game. (AP Photo)

Brissett left the field after the play (it was a third down and the Colts were going to punt on fourth down) and was clearly dazed. After reportedly passing the concussion protocol, Brissett was allowed to return only to have his diagnosis reversed following the loss.

The Colts took the unusual measure of tweeting out a step-by-step explanation of what happened with Brissett and why he went back in the game.

Per the protocol, the league acknowledges that concussion-related symptoms may not be present immediately after sustaining the injury and advocates for checking an at-risk player every 20 minutes. The unaffiliated neurological consultant and the concussion spotter can also use video replays to pull players out of games, then the player is tested on the sideline. Furthermore, if there is any doubt about the player’s status, the league advocates for removing him from play.

Brissett was clearly shaken up on the play and checked off more than a few of the league’s observable concussion signs. That he was allowed to return to play so quickly is concerning.

The controversy comes on the heels of a similar incident involving Wilson on Thursday night. Wilson was allowed to return to play following a hit to the head and before undergoing a full concussion evaluation.

The NFL will presumably look into this matter as well, which is probably why the Colts were proactive in announcing their side of the story.

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