Jai Courtney Is a Nazi in Love in Exclusive Clip From 'The Exception'

The dramatic tension between duty and passion gets a novel twist in The Exception, a wartime romance set to debut later this week. The film charts the dilemma faced by a Nazi officer (Jai Courtney) after he falls in love with a beautiful Jewish woman (Lily James) during a WWII assignment. Ahead of its Friday premiere, Yahoo Movies has an exclusive clip from the film featuring its two star-crossed leads (watch it above).

In the clip, we see Courtney’s Captain Stefan Brandt share some pillow talk with James’ Mieke, a Dutch maid working for Germany’s exiled Monarch Kaiser Wilhelm II (Christopher Plummer), whom Stefan has come to investigate. After Stefan confesses there’s nothing more important than following orders, Mieke reveals her secret. That puts them both in a perilous spot, although at least in this clip, Stefan seems completely unperturbed by the implications for their relationship of this bombshell.

Directed by David Leveaux, and co-starring Janet McTeer, and Eddie Marsan as Heinrich Himmler — whose eventual arrival at Kaiser Wilhelm II’s Netherlands estate further complicates Stefan and Mieke’s attempts to be together. The Exception debuts in theaters and via video-on-demand June 2.

‘The Exception’: Watch a trailer:

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