Jake Pavelka On Those 'Bachelor Pad' Promos & Becoming Friends With Vienna?

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Jake Pavelka, ("The Bachelor" Season 14) - Where to begin? It's obvious this man loves being on TV. He originally appeared on Jillian Harris' season, then his own. He continued on to a televised breakup and "Dancing With the Stars." To top it off, he will be gracing us with his presence once again. At this point, it's obvious Jake's looking for attention -- not love. "Bachelor Pad" Prediction ­- Jake's ex-fianceé, Vienna Girardi, and her current boyfriend, Kasey Kahl, will be competing on the show as well. Last time they saw each other was at their intimate breakup on national television, where they fought about every topic under the sun. Regardless of how long he stays on the show, let's just hope this is the last we see of him. -- ABC

In the promos for Monday night's season premiere of ABC's "The Bachelor Pad," Jake Pavelka is caught on camera saying, "I hope she falls 3,000 feet to her death," but the reality star said he isn't hoping for the demise of any of his fellow contestants.

"I'm not gonna comment on editing, but I don't wish anybody to death," he told Access Hollywood at Sunday night's ABC Television Critics Association party at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. "You're gonna have to watch the episode [on Monday] to see what I was really talking about. It was in relationship to a challenge."

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"Bachelor Pad" host Chris Harrison told Access that the conflict revealed on the upcoming show between Jake and his former "Bachelor" fiancee, Vienna Girardi, is simply of a dramatic nature.

"No, Vienna was not hurt or killed in the production of the 'Bachelor Pad,'" he laughed.

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While this season brings together some of the biggest headline-grabbers in "The Bachelor" and "Bachelorette" franchises, including Girardi's new beau, Kasey Kahl, Harrison said hosting the show isn't taxing despite being surrounded by lots and lots of drama.

"It's awesome to film 'Bachelor Pad'... It's the best show to host of all the shows I do, because it's great. You have all these characters, they come back on their own volition," Harrison said. "There's no tricks. You've come back, you know what's going on. It's a game show...You just kind of let them do their thing. It's phenomenal."

Jake said filming "Bachelor Pad" has been enjoyable and he made plenty of pals.

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"I became friends with everybody on the show. Probably, at a stone's throw, I would say even Kasey and Vienna. At least I'm ready for a friendship, I can't speak for her," Jake told Access . "She can take baby steps and you know, whenever she's ready..."

The former "Bachelor" said Vienna's reluctance to speak with him over the last year actually served as an impetus for his joining the "Bachelor Pad" cast.

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"We started a conversation about a year ago and she abruptly stopped the conversation and... it was time to pick it up," he said. "I reached out to her a couple of times throughout the year to no joy and... I knew she was gonna be on 'Bachelor Pad' and I thought, whatev, what a perfect opportunity, to get to her."

Jake said he understands America is "tired of it," referring to the drama between the former couple, which has continued to play out in the press, and he's ready to move on and let it be.

"She wasn't my girlfriend, she was my fiancee. You just gotta be mature about it. Quit talking about it after Monday night. That's it," Jake said. "This is the last go around and then that's it."

"Bachelor Pad" premieres on Monday at 8 PM on ABC.

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