Jamaica's Usain Bolt pulls up short with injury in final race of career

Usain Bolt is the greatest sprinter of his generation, maybe of all time, but he was unable to finish his final 100-meters.

Usain Bolt was supposed to go out atop the medal stand with gold around his neck. Instead, he finished lying face down, unable to complete his final race.

The Jamaican won 19 career gold medals between the Olympics and the IAAF World Championships, but as amazing and immortal a sprinter he is, even he couldn't overcome his final challenge.

The race was the 4x100-meter relay at the World Championships on Saturday. The Jamaican team was behind going into the final leg and the handoff to Bolt, but the legend never had a chance to hit full stride.

Bolt pulled up barely 10 strides into his run and finished on the ground rather than breaking the tape.

While it's a sad way for him to go out, it in no way changes the transcendent nature of his career.