Jameis Winston's 'significant' knee injury didn't stop him from locker-room dance party

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The New Orleans Saints won a huge game Sunday, although it might have come at a steep cost.

QB Jameis Winston suffered what's been reported to be a "significant" knee injury after his leg bent a way that legs shouldn't bend against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday. The injury appears to be a potential season-ender for Winston and could seriously change the team's course this season.

Yet from the looks of the postgame celebration, the Saints appeared to be living in the moment and soaking up the W.

Especially Winston.

Watch as Winston — on crutches and all — was throwing some serious shapes right in the middle of the post-game locker-room celebration. The Saints' medical team might have cringed when they saw this, but the players and the fans watching at home had to be lapping this up.

Here it is, via Chauncey Gardner-Johnson's Instagram video, as captured by a Saints fan on Twitter:

Mark Ingram (No. 14) also makes a significant contribution to the video. The homecoming king kicks things off with some quality moves after tallying 52 yards from scrimmage in his first game back with his old club. The Saints traded for Ingram last week from the Houston Texans, which had to feel like being airlifted from a gulag.

No wonder Ingram was throwing down postgame. Winston, however? Maybe most people aren't hopping around like a muskrat on one leg after they suffer serious injury to the other one. 

But then again, most people aren't Jameis Winston.

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