James Charles applied a full face of makeup while flying thousands of feet in the air

Beauty vlogger James Charles applied a full face of makeup while flying in a helicopter over Los Angeles. (Photo: jamescharles via Instagram)

From stained-glass eye makeup to holiday jingle-themed tutorials, James Charles doesn’t go the basic route when it comes to beauty. For his latest creative endeavor, Charles reached new heights by applying a full face of makeup while flying thousands of feet in the air.

The 18-year-old recently posted a video on YouTube titled “Get Ready With Us in Our Helicopter,” which features one of his best friends, Tana Mongeau, who also happens to be another popular vlogger. While flying over Los Angeles, they each apply their makeup while talking into headsets about everything from relationships to the actual beauty products they are using.

At the end of the 25-minute clip, they show off their final looks and discuss their candid thoughts upon landing. “For the fact that we did this in a helicopter, I feel like my makeup generally doesn’t look that bad, and I’m honestly kind of happy with it,” says Charles. “But, for being the queen of noses, I just realized, I forgot to highlight mine today, so I’m scared.” Mongeau chimes in, saying, “Not really satisfied with my makeup … was hoping I can snatch my nose better next time.”

There were loads of comments from people who watched the video. One person pointed out, “This was such a down to earth video considering they were in the air — opposite of down to earth.” Another suggested the next makeup tutorial should be done underwater. 

While Charles’s flawless makeup flight adventure may have been one of a kind, another famous YouTube sensation, Jeffree Star, has an entire makeup series dedicated to getting ready with him and other social media stars while riding around in his Rolls-Royce. One episode featuring Nikkie of NikkieTutorials is pretty impressive. Check out their luxury ride in style below.

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