Jamie Otis tells moms 'it's OK' if they haven't lost their 'baby weight' yet

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Jamie Otis explains that women shouldn't be expected to
Jamie Otis explains that women shouldn't be expected to "bounce back" to the bodies they had before going through pregnancy. (Photo via Getty Images)

Jamie Otis is getting real about losing postpartum weight.

On Tuesday, the 35-year-old "Married At First Sight" star shared a video with her more than 850,000 followers, alongside "Big Brother" alum Nicole Franzel-Arroyo, addressing the expectation that women need to "bounce back" after having a baby.

"It's OK if you haven't lost the baby weight yet — even if your baby isn't a baby anymore!" she captioned the clip, paired with the hashtags "#MomminAintEasy," "#MomsOfInstagram," "#MomBod and "#MomBodLove."

Otis's post was quickly met with applause from fans for normalizing "mom bods."

"Thank you for this. My baby is almost 4 and I still haven’t lost all of it," one person commented, while another penned, "Thank you! We need to start normalizing mom bods. It's so unfair that dad bods are talked about in such a positive way and made to seem attractive, while mom bods are shamed and seen as something we need to get rid of as soon as possible. Your body literally created another human — who cares about the extra weight!"

"Yes! Thank you for the reminder! Love yourself where you’re at," another added.

"Don't know why you should be expected to take it off? It took 9 months to put it on. It's normal to not go back to what you were. Look what your body did!" someone else weighed in.

Another commenter wrote: "I never understood why women feel the need to bounce back right away! Heck, mine is 9-years-old and I still have so much to lose!"

This isn't the first time Otis has advocated for the "mom bod." In May, the mom-of-two shared a video showing off her "mom pouch," adding a powerful message about feeling "proud" of her body.

"TBH, lately I don't always like my new body after having babies and I rarely feel sexy with this 'mom pouch' that hangs out. But right now, I feel pretty dang proud," she penned. "I grew both of my babies in that 'mom pouch' and now I've carried both of 'em on my back hiking all across America."

"Mamas, we may be softer and squishier than we once were, but we are also stronger too," Otis continued.

"If you're feeling down, just tuck that mom pouch in, grab your babies (even if they're big now) and get out of the house! Life's too short to let a mom pouch stop us from realizing our strength."

In the video, Otis added additional text that reads, "Don't mistake my softness for weakness."

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