Jane Fonda and Robert Redford talk sex scenes at Venice Film Festival

Jennifer Kline, AOL.com

They were sexy then, and they're sexy now!

Jane Fonda and Robert Redford reunited Friday in Italy to promote their movie "Our Souls at Night" at the 74th Venice Film Festival, where they snuggled up for the cameras -- just as they did more than 50 years ago in their very first film together -- and opened up about filming intimate scenes together.

The Hollywood icons and eternal sex symbols first shared the screen in 1966's "The Chase," and their friendship has only grown over the years. "From my point of view, things with Jane have always been easy," Redford, 81, told press at the festival. “I’ve enjoyed being with someone where things just fall into place and don’t require a lot of discussion. There’s a love there and there’s a connection there.”

Fonda got a little more explicit: "He doesn't like sex scenes," Fonda, 79, said of Redford. “I live for sex scenes! He’s a great kisser. It was fun to kiss him in my 20s and then to kiss him again in my almost 80s.”

She continued, "Plus, I wanted to be able to fall in love with him again. In Barefoot in the Park, I couldn’t keep my hands off of him. I was constantly forcing myself on him. In Our Souls at Night, the dynamic of my character to his character was somewhat similar. I just love the fact that these films bookend our careers. We played that young love just getting married and now we play old people love and old people sex. Although, In my opinion, [director Ritesh Batra] cut the sex scene too soon."

Redford put it simply: "I wanted to do another film with her before I died.”