Japanese fighter goes ballistic after opponent is nearly 30 pounds overweight

This weigh-in did not go as expected. (Screenshot via ReactQ on Youtube)

The weigh-in is typically one of the most exciting events before a big fight. It provides both competitors with a chance to confront each other, usually with yelling, screaming and insults just before the two settle things in the ring.

You could say the same about this pre-fight weigh-in, but that would severely undersell what really happened. Japanese fighter Shinobu Kandori lost her cool after her opponent weighed in 27 pounds over the target weight for their upcoming match.

Here’s the full video of the event, which is almost certainly worth your time:

The video is not in English, but that hardly matters here. All you need are the reactions and facial expressions to know exactly what’s going on. A man in a giant ramen costume is entertaining in any language.

Kandori’s opponent, Gabi Garcia, weighs in 27 pounds over the 209-pound limit for the match. Kandori came in at just 162 pounds, according to For The Win.

Kandori didn’t take to the news too kindly. She started yelling that Garcia was a “disgrace.”

It’s the :33 minute mark of the above video that really stands out. That’s when Garcia realizes she’s come in way overweight. The camera zooms in on her blank expression, but you can hear her doing her best Gob from Arrested Development and silently saying to herself, “I’ve made a huge mistake.”

That’s when Kandori starts shouting. She continues yelling and pointing at Garcia as she leaves the press conference. She is eventually escorted from the room as Garcia stands on stage with the same blank look on her face.

The two were set to square off during the Rizin World Grand Prix 2017, which is an event held by the Rizin Fighting Federation. That event was supposed to begin Dec. 29. After that weigh-in, it’s not expected the Garcia and Kandori fight will happen.

We can’t really blame Kandori for going off. The 53-year-old had not participated in a mixed martial arts match since 2000. This was supposed to be her return after 17 years away.

Not only that but … it wasn’t even close. We can envision a scenario where a fighter is a pound or two over their target weight, but 27 pounds seems like Garcia wasn’t trying to make weight. She didn’t take it seriously.

Combine that with everything else, and you can understand why Kandori was furious.

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