Japanese mascot drummer rocks out to death metal during children's song

Screenshots from YouTube

A cartoon mascot with exceptional timing is stealing the show across the Internet.

The red, plush cat-like creature was spotted behind a drum set at a Japanese mall, accompanying the music of a children’s song.

The rogue (and rouge) drummer was mostly keeping time, until it veered off into a beat that sounded more like death metal than a children’s tune. For a minute and a half, the costumed crusader veered between conventional timing and improvisational beats at impressively high speeds.

Thankfully for Internet users, the wide-eyed mascot’s performance was captured on video, which was posted online.

It’s not clear exactly when the performance took place, but a Twitter user uploaded videos and photos showing the mascot making an appearance at the mall as early as March 3.

Twitter users expressed their fascination with the cuddly red creature behind the skins.

Rock on, dude.