How to make Japanese rice balls (onigiri)

A wide variety of Japanese rice balls that are great for lunch, breakfast, party finger food, etc. From traditional rice balls using standard ingredients such as salmon, ume plums, and shiso/perilla, and tuna mayo which is very popular at Japanese stores. Just mix the ingredients with warm rice and shape. They are perfect meals for various occasions such as holidays, hospitality events, cherry blossom viewing party, picnic, as well as everyday meals. The ideas for arrangements are endless. Enjoy making rice balls with your children. ============================================================= ❥ YouTube : ❥ Instagram : ============================================================= 00:08 Riceball Ingredient Preparation 06:01 Cooking Rice over Stovetop with earthen pot (clay pot) 07:26 Putting Together and Shaping Riceballs 12:52 Tuna Mayo Riceball 14:32 Furikake Riceball ● Ingredients (for 2~3 people) ・ Rice… 360ml (2 go) ・ Water ... 400 ml ・ Salt ・ Soy sauce ・ Seaweed * Please arrange the ingredients as you like. The combinations of ingredients used in the video are as follows ~ Takana, Salmon ~ ・ Takana (Japanese Pickled Mustard Greens) ・ Dried bonito flake ・ Salmon ~ Salmon, Shiso (Perilla), Kelp Tsukudani (Sweet/Savory Kelp Condiment) ~ ・ Salmon ・ Shiso (Perilla) ・ Kelp tsukudani (kelp boiled in soy sauce) ・ Nori ~ Chirimenjakoto, Dried Bonito, Nori Tsukudani ~ ・ Chirimenjako (Dried young sardines) ・ Dried bonito flake ・ Nori Tsukudashi (Nori paste boiled in soy sauce) ・ Furikake (Rice seasoning) ~ Kelp tsukudani, Perilla, Mentaiko ~ ・ Kelp tsukudani (Sweet/Savory Kelp Condiment) ・ Perilla (Oba) ・ Mentaiko (Spicy fish roe) ・ Nori ~ Yukari, Umeboshi ~ ・ Yukari (Powdered Ume) ・ Umeboshi (Pickled Plum) ・ Nori ~ Tsuna-Mayo ~ ・ Tuna can ・ Mayonnaise ・ Mentsuyu ・ Nori ● Onigiri Recipe ① Cook rice in a clay pot (it is OK to cook normally in a rice cooker) 1) Put rice in a bowl, after washing the rice 3 times change the water, drain the water, add fresh water and let it soak for about 30 minutes to 1 hour. 2) After soaking the rice in water, drain it with a colander and put it in a clay pot, add 400 ml of water. 3) Cover and heat over high heat, and when bubbles come out from the lid after about 7~10 minutes, reduce the heat to low and cook for 15 minutes. Just before turning off the fire, turn on high heat for about 5 seconds, then turn off the heat, and steam for 10 to 15 minutes. ② Make rice balls with your favorite ingredients * Takana, Salmon For Takana, take the part of the leaf to be wrapped at the end and chop the stem part to be mixed. The salmon to be filling in the rice ball is grilled with salt and flaked roughly. Put rice in a bowl, put chopped takana and dried bonito, add soy sauce and mix. Put the filling salmon in the center of the grabbed rice and make a rice ball and wrap it with takana leave. * Salmon, Shiso (Oba), Kelp Tsukudani Flake the salt-grilled salmon and chop the perilla. Put rice in a bowl, add flaked salmon and shredded perilla, add soy sauce and mix. Put the kelp tsukudani (kelp boiled in soy sauce) in the center of the grabbed rice and make a rice ball and wrap it with Nori. * Baby Sardines, Bonito Flakes, and Nori Paste (Chirimenjakoto, Dried Bonito, Nori Tsukudani) Put rice in a bowl, put dried bonito flake and chirimenjako, drip soy sauce and mix. Put the Nori tsukudani (Nori paste boiled in soy sauce) in the center of the grabbed rice and make a rice ball and sprinkle Furikake (rice seasoning) around the rice ball. * Spicy Roe, Shiso, and Sweet Kelp (Kelp tsukudani, Perilla, Mentaiko) Put rice in a bowl and mix shredded perilla and kelp tsukudani. Make rice balls with mentaiko as the filling and wrap it with Nori. * Sour Plum (Yukari, Umeboshi) Put rice in a bowl and mix it with Yukari to make a rice ball. Make a dent on the top, put umeboshi with the seed removed, and wrap Nori around * Tuna-Mayo Drain and squeeze the oil out from the tuna can and mix it with 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise and a little mentsuyu. Put half of rice on a plate with wrap on and make triangle shape, put the tuna-mayo on it and spread to whole, put the other half of the rice on top and make shape with wrap. after removing it from wrap, make a rice ball and wrap it with Nori. ● Cooking tips ・ Since the clay pot absorbs water, do not use it when soaking the rice in water. Use the bowl that was used when washing to soak rice in the water. ・ You can combine various ingredients as you like. ・ When wrapping with Nori, the rough side is inside and the smooth side is outside. ・ Please make the size of the rice ball to your liking: large for lunch, and small like a few bites, it is ideal for fancy stylish finger food for party and potluck.

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