Jason Kelce Got His Own Limited-Edition Campbell’s Chunky Soup To Celebrate His NFL Career

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Jason Kelce Got His Own Limited-Edition SoupCampbell's

Philadelphia Eagles star Jason Kelce recently announced his retirement to legions of adoring fans, and do you know what's just as exciting as being praised for years of hard work? Getting your face on a can of soup.

To honor the athlete's career, Campbell's created their first-ever Legend Edition can, which features Kelce's face, name, autograph, and jersey number. The can has the Eagles' signature colors: midnight green and black.

"I'm honored Campbell’s Chunky created this ‘Legend Edition’ can to celebrate me and my football career," he said in a statement.

jason kelce soup

Only 620 of the collectible Chicken Noodle Soup cans were made, but fans can try to get their hands on one as part of a giveaway from Campbell's Chunky. To enter the giveaway, visit CampbellsChunkyLegendEdition.com any time from now to Thursday, March 28.

The soup brand will also make a donation of $62,000 to (Be)Philly Foundation, the charity Kelce launched in 2022 to improve the lives of the city's youth.

No strangers to a hearty bowl of soup, both Jason and his brother Travis Kelce starred in a pair of Campbell's Chunky commercials last year. Their mom Donna Kelce also made an appearance in the ads.

News of Kelce's Legend Edition can comes just a few days after Campbell's announced another limited-edition item. To celebrate a nostalgic lunch duo, the brand is releasing Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup.

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