Jason Momoa Needs His Own TV Channel Where We Can Watch Him Exercise Shirtless All Day

Suzy Byrne
Editor, Yahoo Entertainment
We need more of Jason Momoa exercising in our lives. (Image: Jason Momoa via Instagram)

Is it too much to ask to have a TV network devoted to Jason Momoa’s workouts?

The Game of Thrones alum, who will soon be seen on the big screen in Aquaman, showed off his rippling back muscles in a new video Thursday. He climbed up the ladder, he went down the ladder, he did a few pull-ups for good measure, then dismounted. The climb wasn’t long, but we couldn’t take our eyes off him — straight through his “I’m buff” flex at the end.

“ALL WORK AND NO CLIMBING MAKES JASON A DULL BOY,” the 37-year-old actor captioned it.

Now, we’re not in the TV programming business here, but may we humbly suggest that someone give the Adonis actor his own network — or even just a show — so we could watch him work out in an uninterrupted manner. Ten seconds here and there just isn’t enough.

He loves rock climbing, he’s told us, and we could start there. Watching him climb 90 feet — shirtless, of course — would be captivating TV. (Careful! Don’t fall. Do the Aquaman producers have the right amount of insurance for you to be doing this?)

Momoa could continue to put those muscles on display while lifting weight. Lots of reps, thankyouverymuch. Just keep doing it. Maybe have wife Lisa Bonet and their kids take turns sitting on his back while he does pushups?

Follow that up with a bike ride. He likes this fancy bike, but we’d even watch him do circles on a tricycle.

Don’t forget tomahawk throwing. So, wouldn’t that be action-packed TV you couldn’t turn away from? Jason Momoa drinking beers with friends and throwing axes. Nothing could go wrong there.

Luging down scary cliffs? Why the heck not! It’s certainly not something you see every day.

Cool down with a little swim.

And then cap off the whole thing with a refreshing brew.

Momoa has many other fitness interests — surfing, skateboarding (he has a skate ramp at his house too) — to the point where a 24-hour network seems more than doable. It actually might be a necessity in these uncertain times in this troublesome world.

Thanks for hearing our plea. (Whatevs — you were probably just looking at the pictures.)

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