Jasper Legion vice president proud to be a veteran

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Greg Key, vice president of the Jasper branch of the Royal Canadian Legion, had a rewarding career in the military and said he learned a lot and saw a lot during his time in the army.

It started in 1980, when he joined the Princess Patricia Canadian Light Infantry in Calgary. It was a natural fit for Key, who comes from a fourth-generation military family.

Key is highly focused and was promoted to sergeant in 1985. He received a scholarship to attend the Royal Military College in Kingston and graduated with a degree in commerce in 1990.

Key did two peacekeeping tours, first, for six months in Cypress, and then seven and a half months in Bosnia.

"I was a senior logistics desk at the Canadian Brigade headquarters in Bosnia, overseeing support to an armour battalion, a logistics battalion and an infantry battalion," Key said.

He completed 16 years in the army.

"I had a good career,” Key said. “Being in the military opens up opportunities, brings you global understanding. It's the brotherhood and sisterhood of arms, doing a small part to ensure continued freedoms."

He and his wife Lynda moved to Jasper from Calgary 22 years ago.

"We raised five children: a nephew, two boys and two girls. Our girls grew up here," he said.

"I'm proud to be a veteran and proud to be part of the Legion. Any veterans or interested people are more than welcome to come and be part of the Legion."

The Jasper Legion celebrated its 100th anniversary last fall. It has a veterans adventure program, designed to help veterans and their families access equipment and activities such as canoeing, camping, horseback riding and boat and bike rentals.

The branch raises funds for veterans, Remembrance activities and donations to the community through the Stand Easy Lounge, restaurant, and hall rentals.

Joanne McQuarrie, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Jasper Fitzhugh