JaVale McGee is all for Warriors fans wearing triple rat-tail headbands

JaVale McGee rat-tail headbands are apparently now A Thing. (Image via ct_do on Instagram)

JaVale McGee has sported a three-braid rat tail since the beginning of the season, and now some Golden State Warriors fans are trying to emulate the key reserve big man’s look. Dub Nation has been rocking McGee-like headbands that have the three little braids sprouting from the bottom.

McGee seems to be a fan of the movement, posting about it to his 213,000 Instagram followers and telling them not to sleep on the trend.

In December, McGee told that he started growing his hair before the start of the season.

“It started growing and so I started braiding it up. And then I went to San Francisco and found out that that’s just a hairstyle for people in the Bay,” he said. “It’s crazy that I already had it and then I got here and they were wearing it. So it was meant to be.”

Now, McGee is as famous for his hair as he is for his insane alley-oop dunks.

He keeps it “so people keep talking to me about it, and they try to tell me what I can and can’t do [with my hair],” McGee told Yahoo Sports in March.