Javier Baez wows crowd with epic home run sprint

Javier Baez hits a pitch just inside the walls of AT&T Park, and his rapid sprint around the bases helped the Cubs go ahead by two runs in the second inning against the San Fransisco Giants. (Getty Images).

At first the ball Javier Baez hit looked like it would sail over the wall of AT&T Park. He could have guaranteed two runs for the Cubs, put them on the scoreboard for the first time against the San Fransisco Giants on Monday, and he could have had an easy trip around the bases. But when the ball unexpectedly bounced back into the infield, Baez put on an even better show.

The Cubs shortstop started to sprint. He rounded first base, second base, third base. His pace quickened. Giants outfielder Carlos Moncrief attempted to counter the speed of Baez with a rocket throw to catcher Buster Posey at home plate, but his efforts failed to match the ability of Baez. Moncrief’s throw, which measured at 307 feet, reached Posey almost in time to tag out Baez.

But not quite.

Baez slid underneath the catcher’s glove to tag home and then lay flat on the ground, letting the adrenaline wash over him. 

His hit, and subsequent sprint home, also brought in teammate Jason Heyward for a two-run inside-the-park homer and put the Cubs ahead by two in the second inning against the Giants.