Jaylen Brown: Celtics had Thunder loss 'coming to us...they kicked our a--'

The Boston Celtics guard did not hold back following his team's 33-point loss to Oklahoma City on Tuesday night, their largest of the season.

Video Transcript


JAYLEN BROWN: We got our ass kicked. That's what happened. You come out and you take it for granted, that's what happens. And we probably had it coming to us.

We came out in the last couple of games, we pick and choose when we want to play. We wasn't connected, didn't have each other's back out there, no help side defense. We didn't guard our yard. And those young boys over there came out. And they made us look bad. And they embarrassed us. They kicked our ass. And that's what happened.

It's just a maturity mindset thing. It's like you can't come out and expect teams to just give it to you. And we've been saying like, you've got to expect a team's best shot of course. So that's exactly what's happening. Teams is coming out.

They ready. They amped to play. And we're thinking we're just going to stroll out and just figure it out down the line from A to Z. And it just seem like from top-- from the top of our roster to the bottom of our roster, it was like everybody was bad. It wasn't just some of us. It wasn't-- it just seemed like everybody was off tonight. But a perfect time to always get back on-track, watch the film, and get back to feeling good about ourselves, and come out and play hard against Dallas.