This JBL Clip waterproof speaker has a nice discount in time for summer

JBL Clip hanging on bag.

The JBL Clip 4 is just about the cutest waterproof Bluetooth speaker we’ve ever seen, and Walmart is knocking some dollars off its price tag. While this deal lasts, you’ll be able to score the Clip 4 for only $45. Usually, this padlock-sized audio device is around $80, so do yourself a favor and put the $35 you’ll save toward a new pool float!

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Why you should buy the JBL Clip 4 speaker

Summertime fun conjures images of pool parties, BBQs, and excursions to the beach. We’re also betting you can close your eyes and think of your favorite summer tunes blasting in the background. Bringing that music to life is the JBL Clip 4’s main goal.

Available in numerous color options and weighing and measuring 3.40 inches wide, 5.30 inches tall, and 1.80 inches from front to back, the Clip 4’s integrated carabiner lets you hook the tiny driver onto most handbags, backpacks, and pieces of luggage. It can even be connected to a belt loop, guaranteeing hours of sing-along fun on your next woodlands jaunt. 

The IP67 rating has got you covered for most liquid and debris situations. While you don’t want to toss this in a pool or the ocean, it can withstand splashes, rain, and the accidental kicking of sand by other beachgoers. 

You’ll have buttons for play/pause and volume controls right on the Clip 4, but you’ll also be able to control playback and volume through your connected Bluetooth device. And don’t worry about battery life: On a full charge, you’ll get up to 10 hours of summer jams. Recharges are handled by the Clip 4’s USB-C port, and it takes about three hours to go from zero to 100%. 

The JBL Clip 4 is one of the best Bluetooth speaker deals we’ve seen this season, and like other Walmart deals, we’re not sure how long this promo will last. So save yourself $35 on the purchase of your very own Clip 4, and let the good times roll! 

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