Jeans that Cure Dry Skin? Coming Soon to a Mall Near You

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Just when I thought I'd found the perfect pair in my new Gap skinny jeans, comes word that there's a new crop of denim winding its way to market that could very well have me shedding my skinnies in no time. Sure, their slimming effect is great but these new jeans have upped the ante -- they promise to forever cure me of my dry, itchy winter skin.

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No, your brain did not miscompute that last phrase, these new jeans from both Wrangler and Mohicano pack a beauty bonus called "denim therapies," which claims to moisturize your skin and help improve cell turnover while you wear them.

As with most mind-blowing concepts, I was skeptical. Yet the "how it works" turns out to be pretty simple. The secret ingredient is none other than the skin-healing miracle worker aloe vera. By infusing nanoparticles of the wonder plant into the cotton fibers of the denim, the jeans moisturize your legs with essential nutrients like vitamin E, amino acids, enzymes, and antioxidants, which "stimulate cell growth, collagen, and elastin." All this, according to Mohicano's brand manager, Ricardo Cuevas.

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Sounds great, but how on earth do you wash them? Here's the rub: the jeans' moisturizing characteristics only last for up to 40 washes, at which point they revert to just regular old jeans. The experts do say that it's not good to throw your denim into the machine after every wear anyway, so maybe 40 washes could last up to, say, six months -- long enough anyway to help ease your dry winter skin woes.

What do you think? Could these jeans be your scratchy season salvation?

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