Jeff Probst Taking Tips From Former Oprah Producer For Upcoming Talk Show

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Executive producer Amy Coleman and host/executive producer Jeff Probst speak at the 'The Jeff Probst Show' discussion panel during the CBS portion of the 2012 Summer Television Critics Association tour at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on July 29, 2012 -- Getty Images

Jeff Probst is about to take a run at the talk show market this September, but he may have an advantage in the cluttered daytime landscape -- his executive producer, Amy Coleman, was a producer on "The Oprah Winfrey Show."

"Every day we talk about what they did on 'Oprah' and what worked and what would [work] for me and what works different," Jeff told at CBS' party following the network's Television Critics Association summer tour day on Sunday.

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The "Survivor" host said Amy has helped him aim higher with his new program, "The Jeff Probst Show," which launches in syndicated television on September 10.

"Amy told me one thing - that Oprah set the bar very high and she said she always challenged us to do better," he said

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"And he challenges me every day and we challenge each other to keep looking for new angles, new twists and turns and unexpected moments to make our shows as engaging and as entertaining as possible," Amy added.

Jeff hopes his show will head into daytime with a unique flavor.

He said he will be addressing topics, but his new wife, Lisa Ann Russell, whom he wed in December, will chime in too. He also wants to allow the conversation of the day to go where it may.

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"We have a very specific topic that we'll be talking about, but you've gotta be willing to be in the moment and see where the story takes you," he told reporters.

Jeff and Lisa met at a bash thrown by "Survivor" boss Mark Burnett. Asked what about Jeff made her want to marry him, Lisa said it's the same qualities Jeff is hoping to show America on his new talker.

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"I said, 'Yes,' because he's genuine and it was refreshing for me to see somebody so genuine and able to live in the moment," she explained. "And it was something that I really admired, that I struggled with personally -- to be able to live in the moment. So I looked to him as a guide and as a teacher and I'm inspired by him every day."

"And maybe why it's working is I would say the exact same thing," Jeff chimed in. "She's totally changed how I look at life, but hopefully that's what all couples say - 'They give me something and hopefully I give them something.'"

-- Jolie Lash

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