Jenna Bush Hager Is ‘Obsessed’ With These Affordable Products for Glowing Skin at 41

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  • Jenna Bush Hager tells Prevention about the two products she loves to keep her skin camera-ready from head to toe.

  • The Today co-host loves Bio-Oil and Tan Towels for moisturized, glowing skin.

  • “I’m obsessed,” she says.

As someone who spends most days on live TV, Today co-host Jenna Bush Hager prioritizes beauty routines that are quick, easy, and ideally shorten the time spent in the Studio 1A makeup chair. Years of experience have led her to two must-haves: Bio-Oil and Tan Towels, she tells Prevention, are a match made in heaven for hydrated, glowy, camera-ready skin from head to toe.

Any product that helps streamline her busy days gets an A-plus in her book. That’s why she partnered with Amazing Grass, a green powder that provides her recommended daily intake of fruits and vegetables, and why she loves an affordable, moisturizing oil that’s so much less of a hassle to slather on than a thick, gunky lotion.

“I’m obsessed with Bio-Oil,” she beams. (And she’s not using the term lightly—she’s raved about it for years.) “It smells so good. I put it in my shower. My kids use it.” Lavender, chamomile, and sunflower oils give it a refreshing floral scent, and vitamins E and A promote collagen production and moisturize. “For some reason, I won’t put on a lotion as much ... it’s just an easier sort of lotion,” Bush Hager adds.

Plus, it basically doubles as a highlighter for your arms and legs, which is ideal for when the mom of three wears dresses and skirts on-screen. “Or if you’re like, going out, which I don’t do as much, but if you’re going out and want your legs to look shiny and pretty,” she says, Bio-Oil will do the trick. She says she even has her co-host, Hoda Kotb, using it. (And Kristin Chenoweth loves it, too.)

The oil also comes in handy before and after Bush Hager self-tans, a practice she probably does more often than most, given that studio lighting can easily wash out a person of her complexion. “I’m trying to not actually tan,” she explains, given the skin cancer risk. So Tan Towels are the next best thing.

“My mom [Laura Bush] actually put them in my stocking—or Santa put them in my stocking—one year, and we’re all obsessed with them,” she says. “They’re full-proof, and [especially] for somebody that’s not great at that kind of stuff.”

Unlike self-tanner foams or lotions that make a mess and can be difficult to evenly apply, Tan Towels come in disposable wipe form. The towelettes are infused with a clear self-tanner that develops using the skin’s amino acids to reveal a natural-looking bronze in hours. The tan lasts up to a week, and Bush Hager loves that the wipes don’t have an offensive smell like some self-tanners do.

Best of all, both of the former first daughter’s favorites are under $50 combined. “I think you can get all of those at a drugstore,” she says. And if TV doesn’t need spendy splurges, neither do we.

Three words: Sign us up!

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