Jenna Elfman makes her debut on 'Fear the Walking Dead'

Jenna Elfman made her debut on Fear the Walking Dead and she couldn’t be more different than the free-spirited yoga instructor that made her famous in Dharma & Greg. The first moment she appears on screen, Elfman’s character, Naomi, is holding a gun to Madison’s head attempting to steal her vehicle. Within minutes, Naomi was covered in oil and killing walkers.

Elfman is a series regular for Season 4, and likens her storyline to that of Morgan’s, formerly of The Walking Dead now on Fear the Walking Dead. Morgan left his former companions and preferred isolation in the season premiere. Elfman said Naomi is very much the same and that the audience will get a glimpse into her backstory and see what got her to that point.

It appeared as though Naomi was going to stay at the Diamond, but unfortunately for her, a new group of bad guys, the Vultures, showed up the same night. Strand put it perfectly when he said to Naomi, “You picked one hell of a night to join us.”

Fear the Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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