Jennifer Lopez 'Really Happy' For Ben Affleck; Talks Stripping For Jason Statham In Parker

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Jennifer Lopez speaks about 'Parker' with Access Hollywood, January 15, 2013 -- Access Hollywood

When Ben Affleck scooped the Best Director prize at the Golden Globes for his work on "Argo," his ex-fiancee, Jennifer Lopez, cheered on his win with a standing ovation.

"I was happy for him," Jennifer told Access Hollywood' s Shaun Robinson on Monday in Los Angeles as she promoted her upcoming action film, "Parker," with Jason Statham.

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"I was so happy for him. We went through a rough time at a certain point and it was like we couldn't get a break and now to see him be successful and getting what he deserves for what he did made me feel really good," the actress, who co-starred with Ben in "Gigli," added. "I'm really happy for him."

Jennifer admitted she was a little surprised Ben did not receive a Best Director Oscar nomination for "Argo," but she thinks his recent awards have certainly made up for the snub.

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"He's fine now, it's OK," she laughed, referencing Ben's Golden Globe and Critics' Choice Best Director wins.

"I'm always rooting for him," she added.

Jen is currently busy promoting "Parker," costarring Jason Statham and on Tuesday, she told Shaun about one scene that required her to steady her nerves to film.

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In the movie, Jennifer plays a down and out real estate agent named Leslie Rodgers, and she has a very intimate scene where - in order to try and prove she is worthy of becoming involved in the scheme Parker (Jason) is planning -- she has to strip down in front of him to prove she's not wearing a wire.

"I was terrified," she told Shaun. "My heart was beating out of my chest. You do - you get so nervous and he's sitting there. I'm like, 'This is so weird,' But... I knew it was part of the script and we talked about how far we would go and, 'Is he gonna make me take everything off?'

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"The real thing is I would go down to my bra and panties and he would see that I didn't have a wire and it would be fine," Jennifer said of how far the scene goes. "But yeah, you take a long time to prepare for something [like that] -- mentally, as well as physically -- like starving yourself a little bit, you know what I mean? I had McDonald's right after... 'I just need some hamburgers or something!'"

"Parker" opens January 25 in theaters.

-- Jolie Lash

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