Jennifer Lopez Teases New Album ‘This Is Me… Now’

Screen-Shot-2022-11-24-at-11.48.54-AM-1 - Credit: Jennifer Lopez/Instagram
Screen-Shot-2022-11-24-at-11.48.54-AM-1 - Credit: Jennifer Lopez/Instagram

New music from Jennifer Lopez is on the way in 2023! On Friday, Jenny From the Block teased the release of a new project with a video where she recreates the cover of her 2002 album This Is Me… Then and then transforms into the artist she is today. (And perhaps a new album cover?)

“This is me then,” she says in the video, as the camera zooms into her face on the LP’s cover. She removes her hat to show Lopez today with a sexier look as she says, “This is me now.” The camera zooms out to show the artist — wearing a white croptop and leather jacket — posing on what seems to be a new album cover.

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The words “The Musical Experience 2023” come on screen to end the short clip.

According to a press release, the project is set to feature new music from Lopez that “chronicles the emotional, spiritual and psychological journey that she has taken over the past two decades.”

“Featuring confessional songs, reflections on the trials of her past, upbeat celebrations of love with her signature powerhouse vocals, This Is Me…Now shines a spotlight on her tough childhood, unsuccessful relationships and the incredible emotional journey she has been on,” reads the release.

The project was first teased in her Vogue cover story where the project was described to be a “kind of bookend to” her This Is Me… album and a “musical odyssey” like Pink Floyd’s The Wall. “I’m not one of these tortured artists,” Lopez told the magazine. “Yes, I’ve lived with tremendous sadness, like anybody else, many, many times in my life, and pain. But when I make my best music or my best art is when I’m happy and full and feel lots of love.”

This Is Me… Then has been one of Lopez’s most successful albums, featuring songs like the iconic “Jenny From the Block” with Jadakiss and Styles P, “I’m Glad,” and “All I Have” with LL Cool J.

Aside from the soundtrack album for her movie Marry Me with Maluma, this Lopez’s first album since 2014’s A.K.A., which featured songs like “I Luh Ya Papi” with French Montana and “Booty” with Pitbull. Last year, she released single “Cambia el Paso” with Rauw Alejandro and released “In the Morning” back in 2020.

Lopez spoke to Rolling Stone earlier this year about working hard for being recognized for her music.

“It’s just 20, 25 years of people going, ‘Well, she’s not that great. She’s pretty and she makes cute music, but it’s not really this and that.’ You know, I think I’ve done some nice work over the years, some really nice work,” she said back in Februrary. “But there is a club that I just wasn’t a part of. And I always acted like, ‘Yeah, I’m good. I’m fine. I’m OK.’ But it hurts to not be included. I don’t know if I will ever be.”

She added, “There is an inner circle, like, ‘We are the great artists.’ And then there’s the pop artists.”

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