‘Jeopardy!’ contestant achieves one of the lowest scores in the game’s history

Tuesday night was rough for “Jeopardy!” contestant Matt King, who started the game strong only to find himself in a hole after several incorrect responses. Viewers at home could relate to Matt’s struggles and many fans respected his attempt to stay in the game. Ultimately he finished with a score of -$6,400.

“Matt, I'm afraid you took your swings,” said host Ken Jennings prior to Final Jeopardy!. “That's a strategy. It didn't always pay off. You were close so many times, but we're gonna have to say goodbye to you here. You'll finish in third place with $1,000.”

Several fans wondered if his score of -$6,400 was the lowest in the games history, but that honor belongs to a contestant who scored -$7,400 during Lavar Burton’s debut as guest host this summer. King’s -$6,400 does however tie 2012 contestant Christy Gibson for third lowest score ever.

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