'Jeopardy' contestant gives Bush League answer to spring training question

Sports categories on “Jeopardy” can be dicey.

The producers seem to pay no mind to whether the contestants they have screened actually pay attention to sports. Sometimes they do. And sometimes the entire panel has clearly spent its time and energy on less trivial matters than balls and strikes.

It’s those occasions with sports-ignorant contestants that provide some of the more hilarious moments on game-show TV’s ultimate test of knowledge. Which makes us think that maybe those producers are on to something.

We got one of those moments on Wednesday from Jack, who is apparently familiar with baseball colloquialisms, if not their proper application.

The correct response, of course, is the Grapefruit League. But if Jack had given that answer, he wouldn’t be in the blogs, so we’ll call it a push.

The Grapefruit League logo on the third base line before a spring training game between the Houston Astros and New York Mets. (Getty)