Jeopardy legend Ken Jennings rips Blue Jays fans, Canadians

Ken Jennings has an issue with Blue Jay fans in Seattle. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

I’ll take angry ex-Jeopardy star for $600, Alex.

For Toronto Blue Jays fans in Western Canada, the team’s visit to T-Mobile Park in Seattle offers up a rare opportunity to go and watch the country’s only pro ball club in person. Hence why there are often so many Jays fans at these games.

Obviously, fans going to support their team is nothing new. However, the large number of Jays fans that have descended on Seattle for the weekend has rubbed Ken Jennings the wrong way.

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The Jeopardy legend stated how he felt through a string of angry tweets. Some of the messages are NSFW.

To sum up Jennings’ feelings, the trivia show great is upset that the number of supporters for the Blue Jays outmatch the amount of Mariners fans in attendance for a home game.

That sounds more like a Mariners problem, to be honest. Last time I checked, ticket-purchasing services like StubHub work in the state of Washington, too.

So while Jennings was gloating about Seattle’s win on Friday night, the series is not over. The clubs still have two more games left to play this weekend.

Coming to the aid of Canadians (and likely looking to get a lighthearted shot of his own in) was a recent Jeopardy icon, James Holzhauer.

I do have a lot of respect for Jennings’ record-high 74-match winning streak on Jeopardy. His beloved Mariners have also mounted quite the run, but it’s not a good one. Seattle has yet to make the MLB playoffs since 2001, the longest such drought in any of the four major North American sports.

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