Jerry Seinfeld and Alec Baldwin's honest conversation about the #MeToo movement

Alec Baldwin aired a preview of his new talk show, called Sundays With Alec Baldwin, following the Oscars on ABC.

The show, which had a very unfiltered dynamic, featured comedians Jerry Seinfeld and Kate McKinnon. However, it was with Seinfeld that Baldwin touched on the #MeToo movement, stating that "the world we live in today is stressful, in terms of many of our colleagues in media and the entertainment world getting knocked down like bowling pins here with this whole sexual misconduct thing."

Seinfeld admitted that he thinks the number of people who were, and are, affected is amazing, but not in a good way. "What is amazing is the speed and efficiency of the system of justice that has taken shape so quickly. That part is amazing. The number of people, and who they are, and what they've been doing, that doesn't surprise you or me." Baldwin didn't agree, as he said that he was somewhat surprised and feels like there is now a "Ding dong the witch is dead mentality." However, Seinfeld argued, "You're a guy who has been in show business and knows very, very well the power structure and how hierarchy or, I should say, how position is exploited. You know very well how that's done. Now, you probably didn't know, like I didn't know, that it was being done kind of inappropriately. That's the part that was surprising. Matt Lauer, okay, let's say he's cheating on his wife. He doesn't have to make life tough for people on the show. That's the part that is a little odd."

The two eventually made their way to Harvey Weinstein, both dumbfounded over the ousted film producer's predatory behavior, as they both agreed that the thought of inviting a woman to their hotel room, to take advantage of them sexually, is "completely crazy."

"It's always so sad to watch people self-destruct. Even though they're horrible people," said Baldwin, who then brought up House of Cards star Kevin Spacey. "First of all, very few people in this business were as self-regarding as Kevin. I love Kevin, but Kevin was a big fan of, Kevin was the president of Kevin's fan club." Seinfeld pointed out that these men made their own bed and Baldwin agreed, saying, "Kevin was somebody who fame was so important. He loved being recognized. And now it's the opposite. It's gonna be a death sentence for him. He's almost gonna come out of there and go, 'Please don't recognize me. Don't look at me. I don't want you to remember me.' This gonna be very, very ugly for him now."

The two continued the conversation, asking each other how they think the workplace will change, following the Times Up movement. Baldwin stated that he wonders if people are going to hire less women, and if men will be nervous or on edge around women in the workplace, while Seinfeld shared that his wife believes that the movement is not going to be good for women. However, it's necessary. "It doesn't matter. We got to go through this. Doesn't this seem like a necessary bowel movement that the culture has to have?" To which Baldwin responded, "It's a pretty epic bowel movement."