Jesse Watters Insists It's Biden Who Might Not Concede Election Defeat

Jesse Watters said Monday that President Joe Biden could be the candidate to not concede defeat while refusing to leave the White House after the 2024 presidential election. (Watch the video below.)

Taking the imaginary (and somewhat exaggerated) stance of a Biden supporter, the Fox News host declared on his show, “Joe Biden says he’s running to save democracy. If Trump wins, America’s over. An orange revolution will usher in a racist dictatorship, and the Constitution will be replaced with ‘The Art of the Deal.’ Which raises the question: If Trump does win, why would Biden concede?”

To be fair to Watters, he wasn’t just ironically riffing on his own. The host was leading into an essay for The Hill written by Douglas MacKinnon, a White House writer for former Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush. MacKinnon detailed a “mostly tongue-in-cheek” conversation with Democrat pals about a scenario in which Biden postponed the election or fought back against the result.

The article egregiously ignores Donald Trump’s 2020 election denial that spawned the Jan. 6 insurrection and tore the country apart and instead states that the presumptive GOP nominee left the White House peacefully after the election was decided in Biden’s favor.

But the essay’s reverse premise gave Watters a chance to talk about it.

“Makes sense,” he said. “If Trump’s Hitler and you lose to Hitler, why would you willingly hand Hitler the keys to the White House?”

Monica Crowley, a former Treasury official in the Trump administration, chimed in that “there are a lot of people who suspect that [Biden] might find some pretext not to leave the presidency.”

Watters tried to further solidify his theory that Biden wouldn’t surrender power in an orderly way because of the perception of Trump as an enemy of democracy.

“If someone’s going to destroy the country and you lose, why would you say, ‘OK, my transition team will be in touch, and these are the passwords to the Eisenhower Executive Building,’ right? You wouldn’t. You wouldn’t do that,” he said.

Fast-forward to 22:00 for the conversation: