Jessica Carter Altman Encourages Fans to Be a Little 'Naive' on New Single: 'It Allows You to Dream' (Exclusive)

The singer-songwriter, whose mom is 'Wonder Woman' star Lynda Carter, released "Naive" on Friday

Jessica Carter Altman is a glass half-full kind of girl.

In light of her newest single "Naive" out Friday, the singer-songwriter opened up to PEOPLE about the sweet inspiration behind the track.

"It goes back to my dad," she says of Robert A. Altman, who died of a rare blood cancer in 2021. "I asked my dad, 'What's my worst quality?' And he looked at me, he goes, 'Well, you're a little naive, but that's also one of your best qualities.' So, I had that idea, just writing about being a little naive is more of a positive instead of a negative."

<p>Max Botticelli</p> Jessica Carter Altman

Max Botticelli

Jessica Carter Altman

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The "Cherry Blossoms" singer, 32, adds, "I think often it has this negative connotation, but having a little naivety, having a little innocence, opens yourself up to the world in a really beautiful way. And sometimes, it can bite you and lead to not fantastic outcomes, but it also opens you up to people and some unbelievable beauty of the world, it allows you to dream."

Carter Altman — who recently got married — needed some of that naiveté to chase her dreams of becoming a singer after graduating from University of Michigan Law School.

"Going into the industry that I've chosen to go into, you can't go into it unless you're a little naive," says Carter Altman. "Otherwise, I would've stayed as a lawyer. It's much more practical, it's much more stable. But this is a much better fit for me."

<p>Max Botticelli</p> "Naive" Cover Art

Max Botticelli

"Naive" Cover Art

When fans listen to the track, Carter Altman hopes that it can serve as the inspiration they've been looking for to chase their dreams like she did.

"I think everybody has something going on in their life where they really want something, but they're too afraid to go for it, whether that's going for a job promotion, applying to a job that they might not feel totally qualified for...," she explains. "When I wrote this song, I was thinking about my younger self, what I wish I knew within myself and I wish people had told me."

Carter Altman, who plans to release an EP in November, adds, "I thought about my goddaughter who is 7 years old, and she loves to sing karaoke, and she's just so full of life and joy and love, and you sing to those people. You want them to keep those dreams. You want them to go for exactly what they want."

<p>Max Botticelli</p> Jessica Carter Altman

Max Botticelli

Jessica Carter Altman

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As she got older, Carter Altman noticed that people get "so bogged down with the pressures of life" and begin to "protect" themselves.

"I really hope that it just reminds people that it's OK to put yourself out on a limb, even if it doesn't work out. It's better to try and know that it didn't work or to try something and realize that you didn't like it, than to never try and have that regret," she says.

"Naive" is out now.

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