Luke Bryan's hilarious impromptu New Kids on the Block tribute

Part two of the Showstoppers round and Final Judgment took place on American Idol Monday, but viewers agreed that the best moment of the night was watching Luke Bryan living his best life. The country music singer provided some much-needed comic relief during the second, emotional night of eliminations going from 64 contestants to only 24.

Inspired by contestant Colin Jamieson, a former boy band member, the country superstar broke into an impromptu a cappella performance of New Kids on the Block’s “The Right Stuff” complete with dance moves – or maybe it wasn’t so impromptu, since Luke seemed to know all the words.

Luke kept the dance party going, right up until the night’s penultimate performance by returning contestant Drake McCain. When Drake took a risk by sassing and shaking it in earnest to Luke’s own 2011 bro-country party anthem “Country Girl (Shake It for Me),” Luke got up and shook his own groove thing.

Sadly, we said goodbye to a lot of Idol hopefuls Tuesday, including Funke Lagoke, the contestant who suffered a terrifying face-plant after fainting on stage during Hollywood week but, by the end of the night, the top 24 were officially revealed as we move on to the season's first performances in front of a live audience next week.